Living Stone Building Project

We are excited about entering Phase 1 of our building project.

Living Stone CHurch's History

Historically, Living Stone Church has offered programs like VBS, Awana, youth programs and concerts in the park to benefit our community. We believe this new facility will enable those who are a part of LSC to continue offering those things and more in the future. LSC has served Chelan and Chelan Valley since 1905 and, by the grace of God, will continue to do so for the next 100 years.

The Building Plan

The plan started in 2014 when the elders began to evaluate how the stone building and the rest of the campus at the church's former site could be modified to accommodate gatherings at that time. 

It was discovered the sanctuary building was stones stacked on bare dirt in the early 1900's. There were also cracks in some of the walls that raised safety concerns. Engineering studies were done, and it was determined that remodeling wasn't a viable option.  If we remodeled, the building would have to be brought up to current codes. The methods suggested would have reduced the occupancy allowed in the stone sanctuary when the purpose was to increase the occupancy after the remodel.  The cost for bringing the building up to code was hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, the elders determined a good option would be to sell the stone building property and find land where a new facility could be built. This idea was shared with the membership, and they approved with a more than a 75% positive vote. 

Property was found and purchased at 103 Golden Ave, near Walmart. It is an excellent location with exposure on multiple sides. Plans were drawn for a large facility (10,000+ square feet). Fund raising began, but the Lord had things in store for Living Stone Church that no one in leadership could have foreseen at the time. Those things included the pastor being called to a different location, the Covid pandemic, a pastor who stayed less than two months, unavailability of construction workers or contractors to give bids, and an inflation surge that has not been experienced since the 1970's.

Along the way, the size and needs of our church have changed, and so have the plans that were originally drawn. The new plans are for a smaller square footage with construction in two phases.

What Does It Cost?

Quotes for construction of Phase 1 amount to about $1,550,000. That figure doesn’t include a contingency amount, which is typically 5-10%. Including the contingency amount, we need a little more than $1,600,000. As of September 30, we have over $845,000 in the Building Fund. In the brief fundraising period LSC received over $140,000 in cash and commitments, leaving a balance of around $625,000. God is faithful, and we are trusting Him to lead LSC along the path to receiving funds and commitments for the remaining amount needed for Phase 1 of construction.

We are thankful we have no profit margin or salary cost for the general contractor. One of our members has volunteered his time for this project and has covered the cost of his support staff as well. He has decades of experience. We sincerely appreciate his and his wife's generosity, and their commitment to serve LSC.

Where are we Now?

It seems to have been a long time coming, but it’s all in God’s timing. LSC owns the property near Walmart mortgage free. We now have plans approved by all agencies involved in making those decisions, and the City of Chelan sent us a “ready to issue” letter.


Fundraising began on July 31. God granted us success. We have been encouraged by the support received. The members voted on August 27 to purchase the building permit, which was done on August 28. Now we are ready to begin construction when the Building Fund and commitments from all available sources reach an adequate amount.

What is our hope?

God provided the resources we have, and it is our hope that we can construct a place for those who attend LSC to worship, fellowship and better serve one another and the community. We hope the community can use the facilities for activities that are consistent with a biblical worldview.

We are now seeking support for the completion of Phase 1 of the new LSC building. Please prayerfully consider how God wants you to participate.

How to partner with LSC


Pray regarding your financial or other type of participation. Pray also that God will move in the hearts of many to support the completion of Phase 1 of this building, and His ministry through LSC in the building.



If you have any professional skills that might benefit the completion of Phase 1, 

please send us an email to that effect at

If you know anyone who might be interested in helping with Phase 1 in any way, 

please contact them and direct them to the following web page:


To give by mail:

  PO Box 458

  Chelan, WA 98816

To make a financial commitment print and complete the following form: 

Click here to download The Form


Thank you for taking time to consider your participation in the completing

of Phase 1 of the building at 103 Golden Ave, Chelan, WA.