Sunday Gathering online

In light of the worry over the Coronavirus that is weighing heavily on hearts and minds in our community and throughout the world, we want to provide as much information as possible regarding our plan for Sunday Gatherings and future events. Beginning Sunday, March 15th, and until further notice, we will NOT be gathering as a large group in the Upper Room. We will be uploading our Sunday service to our Youtube page and it will be available to watch at anytime, we will also be hosting a sermon watch party at 10:00am every Sundays where you can watch and interact with our LSC Family (both links are provided below). Also below you will find a list of platforms that we have available to communicate information and updates, please take a moment to make sure that you have access to at least one or more of these platforms. 

Please continue to practice worship through giving either online via the link below or drop your tithes off at the church office. Office operating hours are as follows, Monday-Wednesday, 8:30am-2:15pm.


During this time, it is important for us as a church family to check in on another, so please take this opportunity to check in with your neighbors, friends, family, etc. If you have any questions, concerns or if you are in need, please contact Scott at or Clarissa at

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  • Email/Text Message

    If you are not signed up to received email/text messages from us or if you information has changed, please contact Clarissa at

  • Youtube

    We will be uploading videos of the sermons here. Click here to visit our YouTube page!

  • Sermon Watch Party

    Every Sunday at 10:00am we will be having a sermon watch party! This means you can watch the sermon while interacting with our LSC Family! If you can't join us at that time, its OK, the sermon will still be uploaded on our YouTube page where you can watch it at any time! Click here to join the watch party!

  • 2020 Bible reading plan

    Click here for a copy of our bible reading plan!